Our activity in the footwear-component industry begins in 1982, when Nazzareno Marucci together with his son Marco start Marucci Rappresentanze s.n.c. Since the outset, they both prove to be skilled and forward-looking entrepreneurs in an emblematic market for ‘Made in Italy’. Indeed, in little time they are able to give momentum to the company’s operations and create a tight network both at national and international level. Thereafter, on the trails of their commercial predisposition, they expand their business to eastern European countries such as Poland, Ukraine and Romania. By then became a point of reference for the major insole manufacturers, at the beginning of the ’90s Marucci Rappresentanze is rebranded MARCOM Import Export and, in order to satisfy the considerably increased volumes of business, Nazzareno and Marco resort to the acquisition of a facility in the industrial cluster of Pieve a Nievole, still its headquarter. Constant innovation and strong dynamism have made the firm a main reference for the shoe industry, insole manufacturers, as well as dealers interested in having high-quality products with high degrees of customization. Over the last few years, MARCOM Import Export has begun a relevant process of experimentation of state-of-the-art technologies aiming at identifying new scopes of applicability within the footwear industry. As a result, the company has been among the firsts implementing pioneering designing and digital-manufacturing methodologies and reaching the degree of expertise essential to master the novel tools. Therefore, in order to support such endeavours, the company has undergone further enlargement phases, which subsequently led to the introduction of a new area specialized in tech and R&D. MARCOM Import Export continuously sets new objectives to accomplish and is always on the look for pursuing innovative opportunities to further enrich an offering which already stands out in the market. On top of that our personnel keeps undergoing through continuous training processes with the view at anticipating upcoming tendencies.