It ‘well known that many materials with open cells which are used in the production of insoles, tend to decrease in thickness in the presence of pressure and heat. 
This occurs due to bonding of the microcells of which consists the material itself.
The solution for many is to use products with high density (closed cells) resulting aumeno specific weight which is reflected on the insole.
The MICROLIGHT S, treated in production with special raw materials heat resistant minimizes the inconvenience and, after crushing, tends to return as much as possible to the original state.
This feature makes it an unique product with performance that combine lightness tempering.
The MICROLIGHT S is provided in both sheets (100×150) that rolls in height 150, excellent characteristic to couplers that use cellulosic maccchine continuously.
The MICROLIGHT S is distributed in thicknesses ranging from 2 to 10 mm.