The highest quality with respect to international standards

GB 28011/2021 “Shanks for Footwear” is the new legislation, relative to steel shanks for footwear, in force in China since August 2012. Considering its imperative nature, all the ones who are interested in exporting goods on Chinese territory are subject to the outlined binding standards. A case of non-compliance might resolve in bans on imports.

MARCOM Import Export, proving extraordinary capacity in reading emerging tendencies, has been among the first companies adopting sophisticated technologies necessary to verify the strict parameters included in the paper. As a consequence, it has been able to quickly assume a leading role in the footwear-component market and with all those bounded by commercial relationships with China.

Since the outset, highest quality has been one of the priorities deemed essential to effectively differentiate in the industry. In our ‘Quality Check’ lab our state-of-the-art technology allows the company to perform miscellaneous technical tests to verify compliance to legislations in force in international markets, including GB 28011/2021 “Shanks for Footwear”.

Indeed, we can conduct test of:

  • Longitudinal rigidity | QB/T 1813-2000
  • Resistance to fatigue | GB/T 3903.35-2008
  • Hardness | GB/T 230.1
  • 180-degree bending test | GB 28011/2021