MARCOM Import Export is a firm active in several branches of the footwear industry. Shoe-factories, insole-manufacturers and dealers are only some of the businesses to whom the company addresses its services. With over thirty years of experience in this environment, the company has developed a strong client-oriented approach, which has at its foundation impeccable professionalism and high competences. To continue improving the service provided,

The new package of Marcom I.E.

The new box has a double label for correct consultation and is able to provide all the characteristic data in digital version through barcodes and QR codes. We have set up an application that can be downloaded freely from the Play Store, which allows you to send orders via your smartphone simply by framing the box label. Sensitivity to environmental issues has always been of primary interest to Marcom Import Export, especially the issue of sea pollution caused by plastic waste. The new packaging is of course made of cardboard and the sealing tape is made of paper with water-based adhesive: all recycled and recyclable materials.